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I am a full-service copywriter and editor specializing in content marketing for the education sector. I offer a wide range of services at competitive rates. Rush orders (within a business week) are available for an additional percentage. For a free consultation, call (727) 798-5850 or e-mail me today!

Blog Posts – $100-115 per post, depending on whether topics come from an editorial calendar or are furnished by the vendor

Social Media Management at cost-effective monthly rates

E-mail Marketing – $105 per message

Infographics – $425-525

Newsletters – $325 and up, depending on desired length and complexity

Press Releases – $175, without distribution to media outlets

 Case Studies – $395-495

White Papers – $125 per page

Articles for Publication, E-Books, Technical Manuals, Instruction Guides – due to various lengths, $100/hour

Proposals, Business Plans, RFPs – due to various lengths, $125/hour

Executive Speeches – $525 and up, depending on length and research required

Editing of Existing Content – $100/hour

SEO consultations are available that give an outsider’s perspective on driving traffic to your content. Because I’m a copywriter as well, I can then fix the issues. A one-stop solution that reduces your overhead and gets results!

Worried that your employees don’t quite understand the minds of administrators and teachers? I would be more than happy to speak to them about how to best market to educators. Full and half-day training presentations start at $2000, plus expenses.

All projects include two free revision passes. Any more than that will be charged at the hourly rate of $100/hour.

Have a project that doesn’t quite fit into these categories? Call me at (727) 798-5850 or e-mail me today for your free consultation! You can also download my new, free report 10 Content Strategies That Appeal to Educators and Parents

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"Scott's writing has a witty, entertaining quality that helps make potentially confusing tech topics approachable to a mainstream audience."
Nick Mokey, Digital Trends
"Scott has been very accommodating every step of the way and a pleasure to work with."
Norene Wiesen, Scientific Learning
"Scott requires no hand-holding and the learning curve has been quite swift"
Ruth Zive, MarketingWise