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Sometimes it takes another teacher to talk to teachers!

My new free report takes my years as an extremely successful educator in challenging Title I classrooms and shows you how engaging content can be used to appeal to educators and parents.

You’ll find out about easy strategies that engage current customers and attract new leads and prospects through the latest marketing techniques, including:

Why talking tech with most educational decision makers is a waste of time.

How to craft the right e-mail campaign for busy administrators.

How e-books can be used effectively in educational marketing.

Where to find busy parents online.

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10 Content Strategies That Appeal to Educators and Parents

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"Scott's writing has a witty, entertaining quality that helps make potentially confusing tech topics approachable to a mainstream audience."
Nick Mokey, Digital Trends
"Scott has been very accommodating every step of the way and a pleasure to work with."
Norene Wiesen, Scientific Learning
"Scott requires no hand-holding and the learning curve has been quite swift"
Ruth Zive, MarketingWise