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I occupy a unique space in freelance content marketing.


My five years of experience as a successful English teacher in middle and high school means I have a reputation for flawless copy and an ability to boil down complicated topics to obtain maximum reach, all while being able to tell an interesting story. My previous work as a technical writer and product specialist for a medical software company gives me proficient knowledge of technical subjects, a certain level of professionalism, and knowledge of corporate writing styles.

Educational Copywriter and Content Marketing Consultant

Scott Sterling – Educational Copywriter and Content Marketing Consultant

It’s only natural that I would find a way to blend the two.

As a freelance copywriter and editor who specializes in clients who operate in the educational sector in some capacity, I use my depth of knowledge in what makes educators and parents tick as well as my talents and experiences as a professional writer and editor.

  • For an educational software company, there is no one better to write documentation and marketing materials.
  • For companies that develop educational content, for either the public or private sectors, there is no one better to contribute curriculums and lesson plans.
  • For political and non-profit organizations that concern themselves with the educational system in this country, there is no one better to make your target audience sit up and take notice.

I enjoy working with companies and organizations who have come up with novel ways of improving the success of America’s students and would be more than happy to help bring those advances to the attention of the greater public – or just your target customers.

Please call (727) 798-5850 or e-mail me┬áto arrange your free consultation. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my latest report: 10 Content Strategies That Appeal to Educators and Parents.

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"Scott's writing has a witty, entertaining quality that helps make potentially confusing tech topics approachable to a mainstream audience."
Nick Mokey, Digital Trends
"Scott has been very accommodating every step of the way and a pleasure to work with."
Norene Wiesen, Scientific Learning
"Scott requires no hand-holding and the learning curve has been quite swift"
Ruth Zive, MarketingWise